Can NSFAS Fund You Twice?

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Can NSFAS Fund You Twice?

Can NSFAS Fund You Twice? Yes, a student may get funding from NSFAS (the National Student Financial Aid Scheme) twice. However, there are some restrictions and limitations that must be met. The student must first fulfill the requirements for NSFAS funding, which include being a citizen or legal resident of South Africa, being enrolled in a public university or TVET college in South Africa, and fulfilling the academic standards established by the institution.

Second, the student must have previously submitted an application for NSFAS support, had it approved, and adhered to the requirements of the funding agreement.

And finally, whether a student can receive funding twice depends on whether NSFAS funds are available. Due to its limited financing, NSFAS is only able to fund a specific number of qualifying students each year. Therefore, there is no assurance that a student will be sponsored again even if they meet all the qualifying requirements and have previously complied with the funding arrangement.

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NSFAS Eligibility Criteria:

To receive funding from NSFAS, a student must meet specific qualifying requirements. This includes being a South African citizen or permanent resident, being enrolled in a public university or Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college, and meeting the academic standards set by the institution. In addition, the student must come from a household with a combined annual income of R350,000 or less.
To be eligible for NSFAS financing, you must fulfill the aforementioned requirements. Even though a student meets all the requirements for eligibility, funding is not always guaranteed.

Adherence with the Funding Agreement:

If a student has previously received support from NSFAS, they must have complied with the funding agreement’s terms and conditions. This entails finishing all modules or courses from the prior academic year, going to all lectures and tutorials, and turning in all necessary homework and examinations.
A student might not be eligible for financing in the future if they breach the funding agreement. Before being given consideration for additional financing in such circumstances, the student must pay off any unpaid debt to NSFAS.

Funds Availability:

The availability of funds is a crucial factor in determining whether NSFAS can pay a student twice, even though satisfying the eligibility requirements and adhering to the funding agreement are important as well. Due to its limited funding, NSFAS is only able to provide financial aid to a set number of qualified students each year. Therefore, there is no assurance that a student will be sponsored again even if they meet all the qualifying requirements and have previously complied with the funding arrangement. This is due to the possibility that NSFAS will not have enough funding to accept all qualified applications.

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Students who have previously received NSFAS funding must ensure that they adhere to the funding agreement to maximize their chances of being funded again. Nevertheless, qualified students should be aware that receiving funding from NSFAS more than once is not guaranteed, as the scheme has limited funds and can only assist a certain number of eligible students each year.

Monthly NSFAS Allowance 2024-2025

Expect the following monthly payments:

  • Educational Resources (Books): R433
  • Living Expenses: R1250
  • Incidental Provisions: R241
  • Travel Costs: R625
  • Accommodation: Value is dependent on each student

Who Is Eligible To Receive NSFAS Funding

To qualify for bursaries, applicants must adhere to four fundamental standards;

  • every South African national
  • All winners of SASSA grants are eligible for funding
  • applicants whose annual household combined income does not exceed R350 000
  • A disabled person: The total annual household income cannot exceed R600,000.
  • students who started their studies before 2024 and whose household income is not higher than R122 000 annual

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Applying for the NSFAS in 2024

logging into your myNsfas account

  • Enter the information that they need.
  • Choose “Apply.”
  • Click the next button once you have filled out all the relevant fields (parents’ information, mother’s information, guardian information, spouse information for married students, etc.).
  • Once all sections and procedures have been completed, you must upload the relevant paperwork.
  • Once you have uploaded all necessary documents, click “Next.”
  • Click “submit” after making sure the data and documents you provided are accurate.

NSFAS Contact

For general, student and NSFAS Wallet inquiries

For all other queries regarding students:
Tel No.: 08000 67327

Physical Address
The Halyard, 4 Christiaan Barnard St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001

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