How Many Points Are Required For Nursing?

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How Many Points Are Required For Nursing?

How Many Points Are Required For Nursing?

Becoming a nurse in South Africa is an important profession that requires significant education, training, and commitment. The institution that provides the nursing program sets the minimum admission criteria that you must satisfy.

This includes a minimum National Senior Certificate (NSC) score of 30 points, which must include a pass in Life Sciences and/or Physical Science, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, and English as the medium of instruction.

The National Senior Certificate (NSC) is the credential given to South African students who have finished their secondary education. It uses a points system in which a particular number of points is assigned to each subject depending on the final mark attained. Nonetheless, some institutions may have varying admission standards, and it is important to verify the specific institution you intend to join.

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In case you have not obtained the minimum NSC score essential for entry into a nursing program, there exist alternative routes accessible to you to achieve your aim of becoming a nurse. One possibility is to register for a bridging course, which can help enhance your academic performance and meet the minimum admission criteria for nursing programs.

Alternatively, you can consider enrolling in a nursing diploma program since they generally have lower entry requirements than bachelor’s degree programs, and can be an excellent substitute for those who do not fulfill the minimum criteria for a bachelor’s degree program.


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How To Calculate You Point Score

The below table is a APS Calculator;

  • The actual marks in each subject that you get range from 0 to 100 %
  • Each mark is given a point score that ranges from 1 to 7, with 7 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. For example, if your mark in
  • Mathematics is 45% the point score allocated to that mark is 3
  • To get your total point score, you add the APS of six or five of your best subjects

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Matric Subject Symbol / Mark Obtained in Matric exam APS (Admission Point Score)
A  (80 – 100%) 7
B  (70 – 79%) 6
C  (60 – 69%) 5
D  (50 – 59%) 4
E  (40 – 49%) 3
F  (30 – 39%) 2
G  (0 – 29%) 1


Visit the official website of the Nursing institution of your choice for more detailed information..