How to Register at TUT Online 2022/2023

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How to Register at TUT Online 2022/2023

How to Register at TUT Online 2022/2023: TUT Online Registration 2022


Access and login

  • Go to
  • Click on SEARCH on top of the right hand side of the TUT homepage, then click on ONLINE REGISTRATION underneath the search box.
  • Enter your student number and pin code under REGISTERED USERS. New students who never registered any subjects before will only be able to activate their TUT4life e-mail addresses after they registered online for the 1st time. Please request your pin from Distance Education.
  • Senior Students: Before attempting to request a pin and/or add subjects online: Please activate your tut4life e-mail addresses on the TUT Website.
  • If your pin number is lost,click on Request a Pin and it will be e-mailed to you,provided that your TUT4life e-mail address do appear on the TUT system.

Registration steps

Step1:Rules and Regulations:

  • Click on Registration and then on Memorandum of Agreement.
  • Read through the Memorandum of Agreement, scroll down and click on Accept conditions.
  • Verify Qualification name.
  • Select your employment status
  • Click Save and Continue and then click on Add Subjects to registration
  • Select your subjects:
  • (Please note: National Diploma students may not register for more than two(2)subjects per semester and BTech students are allowed to register/add up to four(4)subjects per semester,if available.)Diploma (DPTP19 and DPP020) students should register 12 subjects for the 1st year.
  • Click on Save and Proceed.
  • Verify the selected subjects. If you wish to change a subject, click Restart Process and start from the beginning.
  • Click on Accept Registration.

After TUT Online Registration for 2022-2023

After Registering, please

  • Activate your TUT4life email.
  • Confirm via email to that your TUT4life email has been activated. (Note: Your student number should be
    included in all correspondence to TUT).
  • Your private email address will be replaced with your TUT4life email address. All communication will be emailed to your
    TUT4life email address. Please visit your TUT4life email frequently to ensure that you do not miss any important information.



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