TUT Graduation Form 2024-2025

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TUT Graduation Form 2024-2025

TUT Graduation Form 2024-2025: In order to ensure that you are properly recognized for your accomplishments, TUT has created a graduation form for you to complete. This form will allow TUT to confirm your attendance and ensure that your name is included in the graduation ceremony program.

At TUT, they believe in recognizing and celebrating the hard work and dedication of our graduates. TUT graduation ceremonies are a time for their community to come together and honour your achievements.

We encourage you to take the time to complete the TUT graduation form and provide any necessary information. This will ensure that your graduation experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Complete TUT Graduation Form


TUT Graduation Online Application 2024-2025

Step 1:

Please upload a certified copy of your required certificate for the issuing of your qualification on your profile.
Example: Senior certificate for a Higher Certificate or Diploma, Diploma for B Tech or Advance Certificate.
The procedure for uploading documents:
How to upload documents:
Scan your certified documents as pdf and the size must be 520 000 bytes.
  • Click on the link below
  • https://tutprodi4ie.tut.ac.za/pls/prodi41/w99pkg.mi_login (use student number and pin)
  • Go to Certificate Seen
  • Click on Load/View Documents of the specific document, e.g. ID Document
  • Click on Upload Documents on the pop-up menu
  • Click on Browse and search for your document on your computer
  • Click on Save
  • Your document has been uploaded
Please do not upload any documents more than once.​

Step 2: 

  • ​​​​​Please verify your email, cell phone or address before completing an online application.
  • Follow the steps below to update your contact details:
    • ​Login to the ITS system
    • Click on Graduation.​
    • Click on Communication detail and Address validation (Postal Address).
    • Change it to your current, relevant details

Step 3:

​Complete the Online Application​ Form​ for the issuing of qualification.
​​​Please allow 15​ working days for the processing of the online application form.



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