What Happens If You Fail One Module At TUT?

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What Happens If You Fail One Module At TUT?

What Happens If You Fail One Module At TUT? At Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), students are expected to perform to the best of their ability and complete all modules successfully. However, in the event that a student fails one module, it is important to understand the consequences and available options.

When a student fails a module, they will need to repeat the module in order to obtain credit for it. The module can be repeated in the next academic year or semester, depending on the course structure and availability. Students are also required to pay the full tuition fees for the module when repeating it.

Failing a module can have several implications for a student’s academic progress. It may delay their progress and extend the duration of their course. In addition, some modules may be prerequisites for other modules, so failing a prerequisite module may prevent a student from enrolling in subsequent modules.

It is important for students to take action and seek assistance if they are struggling with a module. TUT offers various support services, including tutoring, mentoring, and academic advising, to help students succeed academically. Students are encouraged to seek these services early on, before falling behind or failing a module.

In some cases, students may be eligible for supplementary exams or additional assessments. This allows them to make up for a failed module without having to repeat the entire module. However, supplementary exams are not always offered for every module, and eligibility requirements may vary.

It is important for students to keep in mind that failing a module is not the end of the world. It is a setback, but with effort and dedication, students can recover and succeed academically.

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What happens if you fail the same module twice at TUT?

A student, who has failed the same subject during two (2) different study periods, will be placed on probation. Failing that same subject(s) on a third attempt, will result in exclusion with the right to appeal.


What Is The Lowest Mark To Pass?

At TUT, the minimum mark required to pass a course is 50%. This means that you must achieve at least 50% in each of your course assessments, including assignments, tests, and exams, in order to pass the course.


How To Calculate Admission Point Score (APS)

Results format for the new NSC-G and the minimum admission requirements for TUT:

Rating code​ Rating Marks
7 Outstanding achievement 80 – 100
6 Meritorious achievement 70 – 79
5 Degree substantial achievement 60 – 69
4 Diploma adequate achievement 50 – 59
3 Foundation moderate achievement 40 – 49
2 Elementary achievement 30 – 39
1​ Not achieved 0 –​ 29

​​Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy?

All learners are required to take one of the two subjects for NSC-G purposes

​​TUT position:

  • Mathematics is relevant to programmes that require prior knowledge of mathematics; all others may only require Mathematical Literacy. (Details of what each subject entails can be determined by looking at the DoE curriculum statements, available on the DoE website).

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