What Is Full APS Score?

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What Is Full APS Score?

What Is Full APS Score? The full APS score, or Admission Point Score, is a calculation used by universities and other higher education institutions in South Africa to determine a student’s eligibility for admission into a particular programme of study. It is calculated based on the student’s performance in their National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations, as well as other criteria that may be required by the institution.

The full APS score is calculated by adding up the scores that the student achieved in their best six NSC subjects, excluding Life Orientation. Each subject is assigned a score ranging from 1 (for an achievement level of 30-39%) to 7 (for an achievement level of 90-100%). The scores for the six best subjects are then added together to give the student’s total APS score, which can range from 6 to 42.

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How To Calculate APS Score?

APS Scores are calculated based on the results that the students have. Below is a table to show you how an APS Score is determined:

Matric Symbols  Marks received in the final examination APS (Admission Point Score) Achievement Description
A+ 80 – 100% 7 Outstanding
A 70 – 79% 6 Meritorious
B 60 – 69% 5 Substantial
C 50 – 59% 4 Moderate
D 40 – 49% 3 Adequate
E 30 – 39% 2 Elementary
F 0 – 29% 1 Not Achieved


To calculate your full APS score, simply add up the points earned for each subject. For example, if a student achieved the following grades in their final matric exams:

English: 80%
Mathematics: 90%
Physical Science: 85%
Life Sciences: 75%
History: 70%
Accounting: 60%
Afrikaans: 50%

Then their APS score would be calculated as follows:

English: 6 points
Mathematics: 7 points
Physical Science: 6 points
Life Sciences: 5 points
History: 5 points
Accounting: 4 points
Afrikaans: 3 points

Total APS score: 36 points

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PLEASE NOTE: Each university and programme of study has its own minimum APS score requirements. Prospective students should therefore check the minimum APS score required for their chosen programme before applying. If a student’s APS score does not meet the minimum requirements, they may be required to consider alternative options, such as bridging programmes or other related courses.